Great Western Adventure

What is the Great Western Adventure?

So. One day I packed up an abnormally large hiking bag and went on the road. For 25 days.  I was fortunate enough to visit 6 states with 13 different people and take hundreds of pictures.  I planned out this trip using AirBnB, TripAdvisor,, suggestions from people who already visited these areas, and suggestions from locals.  And Excel sheets. I used multiple Excel sheets to plan this out – so many moving parts.


Where did I get this idea?

It all started when a coworker and I met some folks from Taos, New Mexico at an awards ceremony in New Jersey.  We fell in love with their story about the Red Willow Farm and how well they integrated the farm into community health and engagement.  We decided we had to visit and see the farm in person.  From there, I thought well, while checking out New Mexico, I should check out the parks in Utah.  And while I’m checking out the parks in Utah, I should see what’s in Arizona.  And it just kind of spiraled from there.  I also wanted to see friends before heading out to Chile for a year. So I ended up on a Great Western Adventure and some amazing people hopped along for the ride!


Where did I go?

While this is called the Great Western Adventure, I guess that isn’t a totally appropriate name but more like a Great Western/Midwestern Adventure.  Here are the different states I visited:

Washington     ||     New Mexico     ||     Utah     ||     Arizona     ||     Ohio     ||     Minnesota


Want to know more?

Explore my page!  I have info about each spot I visited as well as a few tips on how I made this happen.  There are also plenty of links to some of the pages where I found much of my information.  All the photos are my original pictures unless otherwise specified.

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