Where I’ve Been

My parents grew up on opposite sides of the earth: one in a warm Caribbean country full of parties, beaches, and mountains; the other in several European countries with cold winters and explorative summers.  Thanks to this odd combination of experiences, my parents both have a sense of wonder, adventure, and curiosity for lands beyond themselves.  They taught my brother and I to explore places outside our small bubble and see what this wide world has to offer.  As good children, we happily obliged.

Between family trips, friend-cations, and random exploration, I have visited 12 countries in my life – and it is so not enough!  I have also made it to several cities in 22 states.  Throughout these experiences, I learned the importance of travel and learning about how other people live, even in our own backyard.  While I love exploring other countries, I recently learned of the beauty of these United States through my Great Western Adventure.  The new people I met along the way taught me so much about how many different lifestyles there are in the US and yet, we can all find a way to connect.

On this page, I describe a few of the travel experiences I’ve had.  Pictures never quite capture the feeling of actually visiting a place, so I hope this encourages you to step outside of your comfort zone and find some place new!  You can read more about my adventures in these countries:

Mexico  ||  Peru  ||  Chile  ||  Panama

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